My life is Yours(Love Story) :: Arabic Christian Song-Middle East (Subtitles@CC)

Video courtesy & all credits : Better Life Team (Most popular & anointed Arabic Christian Worship Team, based in Egypt. May God bless BLT) BLT : YouTube home page : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3L8s0htMWtlo4wTJs44lxABetter Life Team Music albums check this link for buying songs: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/better-life/id319157542 .... Please click to SUBSCRIBE here ::: https://www.youtube.com/user/strongtower27 Dear friends..Subtitles uploaded.. For lap top / desk top computers..go to settings / click CC button or click settings & select your language. For Smart phone/ I pads..go to settings @video screen /click Caption button & select your language or English. Encourage you all to add subtitles in your language. Click the link given below ...go to the subtitle page , select your language ....and start translate with respect to the English transcript . subtitles in your Language. Community contributions: On:: https://studio.youtube.com/video/dEFFF6nQZGQ/translations This is a beautiful Gospel work . Find the List of languages & subtitles/CC already published, Click CC /settings & select your language. Anybody have problem with CC button , then go to this video link the same song Lyrics & translation added in English only : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWKMSNg7URs God Bless You.This song invite everybody including our Muslim friends to receive the salvation through Jesus Christ the only ONE way to God the Father. May be first time , you are watching this Christian song , in your life . Consider this as a life changing salvation call for YOU, please respond by NOW, today itself because tomorrow is not yours. Come and receive the saving Grace of Jesus Christ. Ask Jesus the forgiveness of sin and surrender your life to Jesus.Kindly SHARE this beautiful video with all your Muslim friends. Let the holy spirit speak with them through this good news of salvation. Thank you . God Bless you.Better Life Team , Egypt : Check this link to buy song : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/better-life/id319157542For more Arabic christian song : try this link : http://hymn.linga.org/top7 ...If the Lyrics and translation not appear, go for this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWKMSNg7URs@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Lyrics @ translation in EnglishDawart kteer-ala shei yes-edni(I searched alot to find something to make me happy) Hawelt alaai-haga teshbe'ni (Tries to find some thing that could satisfy me) wfdelt tayeh,fe al-donia hayem (but i went lost, wandering in this world,) Albi lessa atshaan (my heart was still empty and thirsty. seme't wahed, bynadini. Aal: taal,emsek beidi. Ana arfak, d-Ana khalaak. Ana hases beek (I heard some one calling my name told me to hold his hand ,i know you,i created you ,i felt your pain ) w gait ashanak ya habibi, mott badalak ala al -salib ,Wahabtak hayah (i came for you o my beloved,i died for you on the cross , i gifted you this life) W edetak nagah.Kol znobak maghfoora laka. (i gave you salvation and all your sins are forgiven) w shoft eiydo mamdoda leya ,Bellamsa SHAFYA FATAH ENAYA.nawar tari'y.Ghayar hayaty. (and i saw his hands reaching out for me,with healing touch he open my eyes,he shed light on path and changed my life) Ana eli kont be-eid (i was gone too far away..) Ezay makontesh shayf rabbi? (How ,i couldn't see my lord) w kont aiyesh men ghero gambi? (how did i live with out him,stays beside me?) Rakaat odamo ,w mesikt fe eiydo.sarakh-t baala soaat........ (i knwlt down before him,i hold his hand,i cried out him....loudly) Hayaty tebaa leek al-youm (today ,my life belongs to you lord) Tesh- had aan Yasua w twool,Howa da al-Tareek, (to bear witness to jesus , to say ..he is the way) w hoa al-Maleek.Howa da Elah-i-al-abady (He is the king,He is my eternal God) Taala w sallem hayatak odamo .Da howa Elah-ak (Come and surrender your life to him ,He is your God,) W hases be halak.Hayedeelak awowa,w yedeelak norsra ala kol kh -atya.Matrannem maaya (grant you victory ,over every sin,come sing with me,) Hayaty tebaa leek al-youm (Today ,my life belongs to you lord) Tesh- had aan Yasua w twool,Howa da al-Tareek, (to bear witness to jesus , to say ..he is the way) w hoa al-Maleek.Howa da Elah-i-al-abady (He is the king,He is my eternal God)..8888888888888888888888888888888888888#strongtower27