Ogun (Boomerang) Latest Yoruba Movie 2020 Drama Starring Wunmi Toriola | Ayo Balogun | Kunle Afod

George, a procurer used his fiancee has a bait for his top clients but what awaits him is more than what he bargained for. The game of life is a game of boomerang. Find out more in this enthralling movie featuring Wunmi Toriola, Kunle Afod, Dele Odule, Jaiye Kuti, Ayo Balogun.Please SUBSCRIBE to APATATV+ by clicking on the Subscribe Button and don't forget to click the Bell notification button to get notified of new movie release updates.`Follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook : @apatatv#boomerang #wunmitoriola #kunleafod