Actitop 4k Camcorder

For the price, you get a surprising amount of stuff. This includes a 4K camcorder, 2 batteries, charging cable, HDMI cable, a macro lens, a wide angle lens, an external microphone, a fill in LED light, and a very handy carry bag. You also get of course user instructions for the camera and seperate ones for the mic and light. The camera has a pull out screen which also rotates so that you can see what you are doing if you are taking 'selfie' type videos/photos. It is also a touch screen, making access to the various menus faster and easier. There are a number of video modes which are HD 30 & 60 FPS, FHD 30 & 60 FPS, 2K 30 FPS and 4k 24 FPS. This gives a wide choice of video options. There is also a 16x digital zoom. There are also various photo resolutions. The camera is a little sparse on softward features though it does have HDR and an option to change the EV in video. It does not have image stabilisation so care will be needed with active shooting. There is auto focus only and I've found the focus tends to be on the soft side for objects closer than around 3 mtrs to the camera. This is probably due to the size of the sensor. Being a digital zoom, of course the image deteriorates when zoomed in. This is an accepted 'feature' of digital zooming. The higher the resolution you are using the better the zoom rates will be and filming in 4k gives a reasonable zoom result. A very welcome feature, is the IR lighting allowing shooting in dark conditions and it's great to see this feature on a camcorder and especially so one of this price range. Another great feature is the WiFi streaming option so you can view footage using the N4KDigitalVideo app. The camera needs a standard sized SD card (or a micro card with a standard adaptor) and for 4k footage it's essential you use a U3 card for smoother footage. I first tried with a spare U1 card I had and I got jittery footage on 4K and less than smooth 2k footage. The camera is very easy to use with menus accessible via the onboard controls or the screen. The software is fairly sparse and you don't get much in the way of special shooting options but most things can be done in post production anyway. You get a few more options for taking photos though. You can manually change shutter speed as well as EV, iso and white balance. There is also facial recognition and multishot options. The camera seems to prefer tripod use and this is how I intend using it most of the time anwyay. The macro and wide angle lenses do just what you'd expect of them and it's nice that you have the facility to use different lenses on a budget camera like this. The microphone does it's job nicely too and it has a noise reduction feature as well as volume boost/cut to suit different circumstance. It needs a button battery which is supplied. A minor issue here is that the connecting cable dangles in front of the screen and can get in the way of the controls. Not a major problem though. The fill in light is a very handy feature and this can also be fitted to the camera 'hot shoe'. This requires 4 x AA batteries which are not supplied. This does a very good fill in job and is good supplemental lighting. You can fit both the mic and the light onto the camera at the same time using the light's spare shoe. Each also feature a threaded tripod hole so you can use suitable clips or another tripod if you need to.The carry bag is a great accessory providing you space to put all of your kit in one place and the padding will protect it. The supplied shoulder strap will ensure it's easy to carry.I got mine from here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07H9NFRYP