RDI Mindful Guiding vs. ABA Compliance Based Therapy | Guiding Autism Family Vlog

Sometimes when therapists are working through goals they lose sight of the relationship. The real goal with any autistic child should be communication and relationships. When working goals remembering that children learn naturally, and when the anxiety is down, and the relationship is healthy and positive is key. The end result of working on the relationship, working on something together, will naturally result in achieving the goal without having to focus solely on compliance of the work. Here is a side by side of an aba based speech session and RDI mindful guiding. The speech therapy goal was to teach prepositions, so in order to help our SLPA, at my request, Kim Isaac of Autism With Excellence made a video with the same goal but using mindful guiding RDI principles. No matter what the goal the most important part of any interaction should be the relationship between adult and child. The process of getting to the goal will happen naturally when the relationship is put to the forefront, working on communication and receiving guidance. https://www.instagram.com/guidingautism/channel/Instagram https://www.instagram.com/guidingautism/Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/Guiding-Autism-1865625243507539/Twitter- https://twitter.com/samaratalksTwitter-https://twitter.com/guidingautismhttps://www.mysimplelifearizona.com (homeschooling, autism and minimalism)Vlogs I follow:JCTV Family AdventeureThe Chapman Family Aspie WorldInvisible iSPSKFor more information about Relationship Development Intervention https://www.autismwithexcellence.comhttp://www.rdiconnect.com/about-rdi/RDI® is a significant departure from traditional ASD interventions, and does not simply seek to mask the condition with scripted conversations or rehearsed behaviors. Our model allows for neuro-cognitive changes to occur over time that provide the individual with the skills needed to navigate life’s challenges on their own. By developing this capacity for dynamic thinking, we open the door to the possibility of a greater quality of life that includes: reciprocal communication, genuine friendships, confident, independent living, prolonged relationships and meaningful employmentMusic: https://www.bensound.com