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How Good is the MOMENT 58MM Tele Lens?

Here we compare the Moment 58mm Tele lens to the previous 60mm Tele lens using an iPhone 8 Plus and FiLMiC Pro.The results are pretty surprising!▶︎ FEATURED GEAR:Moment Lenses https://geni.us/ShopMomentLensesRhino EVO Slider https://amzn.to/2LYV247Osmo Pocket https://amzn.to/2VDYq96🎥 Making movies with FiLMiC Pro? Check out our LUT Packs!http://bit.ly/filmicproluts▶︎ LEARN FiLMiC Pro: http://bit.ly/FiLMiCProGuide▶︎ MUSIC we use from Artlist: https://goo.gl/RcMx4N▶︎ EDITED with Adobe Premiere Pro http://bit.ly/2P0I7zJ▶︎ FAVORITE Apps & Gear:FiLMiC Pro (camera app) https://apple.co/2LhbG15LumaFusion (editing app) on iOS: https://apple.co/2zL3sJWSmartphone Gimbal https://geni.us/oMyTdeHybrid Gimbal https://geni.us/6dkFLarge Gimbal https://geni.us/Apf3KUniversal Camera Cage/Grip https://geni.us/QdB1Hand Grip/Tripod Mount https://geni.us/3Un7v3Mini Tripod https://geni.us/DbUyGBendy Tripod https://geni.us/of3vKAtBattery Pack https://geni.us/NSmbdSmall LED Light https://geni.us/EVZoEACamera Mount Mic https://geni.us/DkD8TAvAnamorphic Lens http://bit.ly/ShopMoondogMoondog Universal Filter Mount http://bit.ly/MoondogLabsMCFMND Filters (works with Ultra Wide lens!) http://bit.ly/ShopSandmarcShuttercase (Save 10%) http://bit.ly/ShutterCase10Need more smartphone filmmaking gear ideas?https://www.iphoneographers.tv/apps-gear▶︎ CONNECT WITH US: http://www.twitter.com/ifilmmakershttp://www.instagram.com/watchifilmmakershttp://www.facebook.com/iphoneographersIf you’re new to our channel we’re all about taking mobile filmmaking to the next level. We share tools, tips & techniques for indie filmmakers, YouTube creators, mobile journalists and really anyone who wants to create better videos and movies. We primarily use iOS devices - but most of our tips will work with any smartphone - so if you're an Android user there's plenty of good info here for you, too! :)#shotonmoment #smartphone #filmmakingThanks for watching!©2019 Splashbox Studios