Movie Magic Ride Films Riding The Movies Discovery Network Channel BBC 2 (1993)

Movie Magic was a Discovery Channel Network television show produced by GRB Entertainment, Glacier Point Production, and Vision Films from the 1990s.Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen - ActressBack to the Future: The RideUniversal Studios HollywoodDespicable Me Minion MayhemSteven SpielbergCreative ConsultantShowscanDouglas Trumbull2001: A Space OdysseyClose Encounters of the Third KindStar Trek: The Motion PictureBlade RunnerThe Tree of LifeSilent RunningBrainstormBerkshire HillsLuxor HotelLas Vegas.IMAX CorporationRidefilmGRB StudiosLiving The MovieBehind The ScenesHardwareImaginationSaturnHollywood Special EffectsDigital Sound Giant SoundMovie RidesHollywoodConventional CinemaIn The MovieLandmark Entertainment GroupGary GoddardKongfrontation - Empire StateTokyo Discovery TheatreTime Machine of DreamsSamsungStar Quest AdventureTaejon Expo '93 - Central South Korean city of Daejeon.CavemanModel and MiniaturesComputer Generated Imagery - CGIRings of SaturnMovieFlat ScreenDome ScreenSurround Keith Melton - Project Creative DirectorConcave ScreenPeripheral visionPlanetarium TheaterSensory ExperienceFish Eye LensHoyt Yeatman - Dream Quest ImagesTotal RecallThe AbbysOmimaxFilm FrameStory BoardsAnimaticVideoSpace ShipDome ScreenPaperTinfoilCardboard cutoutsRocks and ValleysSimulatorWarehouseTest DomeFilm ProjectorLarge Format 75mmDavid GoldbergModel ShopModel MakerMilitary Flight SimulatorHydraulic SystemCombat TrainingMotion Simulator with Motion PictureTour of the Universe - The ride system and its controls were later the basis for Disneyland's Star Tours ride.Interactive SimulationCN Tower - Toronto, CanadaMoses ZnaimerSimEx RidesRobert HoldstockMalcolm EdwardsRedifusion LtdCrawley, UK.Space RaceFool The AudienceSynchronizedOrchestrated EntertainmentChristopher Llyod - Dr. Emmett Doc BrownInstitute of Future TechnologyComputer ControlledDelorean CarRamsa AmplifiersRamsa SpeakersHill Valley Courthouse MallTime TravelFeel, Smell, SenceDramatic RelationshipLive-Action PhotographyJon FarhatHorizon LineDennis HoffmanMoton ControlJim Kristoff - Metrolight StudiosSilicon Graphic ComputerWire Frame - Shapes and MovementModeling - Color, Texture, and LightingAnimatedJon TownleySony ElectronicsSony MonitorGrid LinesCamera ShotBlack HoleBelievableReverse Thrusters FullTrey Stokes - Motion Base ProgrammerDives, Turns, Twists,Motion SicknessTerblianceFilm EditorLoop CabinetElectronic Pin BlockingDays of ThunderSeatbeltLapbarRide SystemE Stop©1993 GRB Entertainment - Vision FilmsPosted for entertainment and educational purposes only.CreditsGary R. Benz - Executive ProducerGary R. Benz, Stephen Rocha, Lise Romanoff - Producer & CreatorMichael Branton - Supervising ProducerTara Sandler - Line ProducerKelly Richards, Michael Branton - WriterSteve Rocha, Kelly Richards - Show ProducerStephen Rocha - Coordinating ProducerJon Kroll - Senior Segment ProducerDebby Reid - Production ManagerKris Curry - Post Production SupervisorRobert Ell, Debbie La Pensee, Daniel Soiseth - Associate Segment ProducerClaudia Pascarelli - Clip Clearance SupervisorNeil Ross - NarratorDon Shay, Cinefex Magazine - Special Effects ConsultantScott Templeton - Supervising EditorBrian Crance, Mike Parsons, Lisa Trulli - EditorTom Rogan - Post Production CoordinatorJon Teboe - Editorial AssistantMike Ayers - Production AssociateChristopher Franke - MusicRichard E. Roth - Music Recorded and PerformedThe Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra - Music PerformedReZ.n8 Productions - Main Title SequenceMarmalade - GraphicsGlenn Aulepp, Derek Luff - Post Production MixerSteven W. Vincent - Online EditorMichael Keenberg - Assistant Online EditorMargot Parnell - AuditorJulee Margulies, Sheila Kline - Assistant to the ProducersPaul Buscemi - Production AssistantHalf Day Video - Location ProductionConcept Plus, Aardvark Editing - Video Post ProductionWild Woods, Inc. - Audio Post ProductionMaryanne Latif, Bender, Goldman & Helper, Dan Harary, Marianne Cheyne, Showscan Corporation, Lisa Spalinger, The Lipping Group, Mary Johnston, Dream Quest Images, Michael Friend, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Motion Picture & Television Fund - Special ThanksCarolco, Dream Quest Images, Hughes Aircraft Company, Interactive Simulation, Inc., Iwerks Entertainment, Landmark Entertainment, Paramount Parks, Paramount Pictures Corp, Showscan Corporation, The Trumbull Company, Universal Studios Hollywood - Additional Footage CourtesySuzy Geller - Executive Producer, The Discovery ChannelAnna Glogowski - Executive Producer, Canal +#UniversalStudiosHollywood#UniversalStudios#BTTF#BackToTheFuture#DreamQuest#LiveAudience#MotionBase#MovieRide#IMAX#Showscan#SimEx#MovieMagic#MovieRide#DouglasTrumbull#CowMissing