VIE - Jomaica (Official Music Video)

Band Profile - http://www.facebook.com/viemetalJOMAICAI will never leave this place and it will always be a part of meYou have strengthened my weaknesses, you have set me freeRemembering every face I’ve seen and forgetting all the painThat keeps me strong and alleviates myself to carry onYou let go of everyone you let go of everythingI'm living in this world of lies it doesn’t bring me downYou let go of the things that’s been running in your fuckin' mindDream of a better place and breathe from another Evacuate from the miseries that besiege youEvacuate from the hating things Over the mountains across the great oceanIn time we’ll all be as one Bullets showering down from heavenDrowned this town, with blood and tearsYour mouthful of broken glass like promisesSealed everything! Everything!Design this world into a better placeState of mind needs to stay positiveWe will fight with our words as our weaponsAnd this time our voices, we will be heard