How to set Eutelsat 10e c band in Pakistan || 10e latest update || 30-05-2020

Hello friends,in today's video I'm talking about a latest big update for Eutelsat 10A @ 10e c band. And also telling about Eutelsat 10e c band dish setting.On Eutelsat 10e satelite added 9 new fta french language channels.2 of them are Movies channels,2 are music channels,2 sports channels & 3 channels are in general catagory. Dish size in Pakistan: 6 to 8 feetStrong frequency : 3650 H 20160Essential thing : TEFLON for c band lnbName of Newly added pkg:New World Package Frequency for new added:3778 v 6480for more information related to satelites and DTH Subscribe my channel (link is given below)https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZUO1TDq2HvVqqH_w5qvmwhow to set Nss12 @ 57e and latest powevu keyshttps://youtu.be/SzwRvLwF_A0how to set Azerspace 46e & its latest update https://youtu.be/X0F_RoMU1ZI#allaboutdish #eutelsat10e#eutelsat10edishsetting#eutelsat10eftachannels#howtoseteutelsat10e